Thursday, September 28, 2006

Interesting update

One of my friends with MS, who was taking the same products as me was told by her nurse to stop taking one, because of the medication she was going to be taken (Its an HGH product). However the nurse reviewed the other products and highly recommended she take one of the supplements, do to the Calcuim and Vitamin D. Are any of the other MSer's aware why calcuim and Vitamin D would be significant for someone with secondary progesssive MS? I was unaware that those 2 particular items were significant to MS.

I beleive she has started another round of steriods and thats why the HGH was not recomended. While she is still suffering from the "dead leg" I am pleased the supplements have erased her fatigue! More on her as she progresses.

For those interested in the supplements or information on them, e-mail me and I would be happy to send along the information

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Talking with Katie

Well I mentioned in an earlier post that this weekend I would finally talk to my 8 year old daughter about having MS. Our older children knew but I was reluctant to tell Katie, at 8 I worried about scaring her, how she might feel about it, and what misinformation she might hear. For those of you who do not know Katie, well she a real "mother hen" and a Daddy's girl. Her caring goes quite deep. After I had surgery 6 years ago, Katie then 2, needed a nurse's set and proceeded to maul me back to health.

Anyway onto the conversation, she sat through very attentive wanting to understand, she asked about cures, what would happen and of course asked if my "wobbly bobbly jiggley wiggley" leg would always be like that. I am always proud of her but she handle everything quite well. She is of course worried about Dad. She now understands to check with Dad whenever she hears anything about MS(thanks Miss Chris I got this suggestion from you). She wants to attend an event for MS and has decided to be nurse that finds cures for things, of course first she going to cure MS. (although she is only 8 and last month she was going to be a vet , then a teacher) I'll keep you up to date on what cure she develops, I love being a Dad...But I am not eating mudpies to cure this......Not even for my princess!

I guess once again my fears and prejudices were probably worse than those of the people around me. Thanks again Katie!! You continue to teach your father all about the good things in life! So difficult for an 8 year old to keep this foolish man on the right path.( yes Katie knows I am blogging about our talk and yes she will be reading it)love you baby girl!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Talking About MS

I am looking for some input or feedback from readers with MS on this, especially those of you with younger children. I have grown quite comfortable with talking about MS with just about everyone, however my 8 year old daughter, Katie, knows I am "sick" but we have not talked to her about MS.
Our older children know, we are kind of a modern day Brady bunch with a mix of mine yours and ours,Katie being ours(yes there were 6 kids just like the show, we were a tad more disfunctional than the Brady's though) With Katie being 8 and a real "mother hen" type already I have not as yet shared with her what's wrong with me. I struggle with this, scared she will here the wrong information or gather bits and pieces from her older siblings and conversations she hears but not sure if she is ready to understand something that some days I still struggle with completely understanding.
What has been your approach to sharing your story with younger children? Or is it best to leave her out of the MS conversation? I know its personal choice, I guess I am looking for feed back or guidance on how to handle this. My fear in not sharing with her is having her find out the wrong information some place else! Any feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Quick fact and updates

Not a lot to talk about today, but I needed to make a brief appearance and bring you up to date on some happenings!

1) my Phone friend Mary is getting stronger and better by the day! Her voice is much clearer, and she has stood up for a longer period of time each day! I missed her calls today but will definitely give her a call tomorrow and update you all on her! Mary may blog her own story! I'll be sure to link you all to it if she does, an amazing women she is !

2) my second friend is not noticing a huge difference with her leg, but her fatigue is gone and she is feeling much better! I am so sure her leg is going to get better I challenged her to a game of Hop Scotch ! Imagine the 2 of us hopping around if the legs aren't better, we will tape it and send it to one of those funniest home video shows!

Other than that things are going quite well for me, Will continue to update on a regular basis. I am always looking for more MS blogs to link to so if anyone have a list I would love to hear about them!

Friday, September 15, 2006

A victory, a celebration, and a tear of joy!

Before those of you who know me get worried, my plans for world domination have not been successful, the progress on that front will be addressed in future posts! However something almost as big happened today, and I am not sure I can explain it and do it justice but here goes!

I had just finished visiting with a friend, whose computer I finally fixed when my phone rang, around 4:30 my time. I recognized the number, but couldnt put a name to it, turns out it was my "phone friend" with MS, I will call her Mary! Her voice was strong, but shaky I tremble still as I write them, "Derick I stood up today, no walker no help not even a wall! Derick oh my god I stood up" . Incredible words from a lady that has not done that in quite sometime! Sadly due to my overreaction and screams, she may now be deaf, so much for calm cool and collected!

I have done nothing more than share with Mary what I am taking, but we have formed a bond, and It feels good to somehow be a part of her wonderful experience! Its a weird mix of feelings, like you have helped and just being glad that the MS monster took one on the chin! Mary has a wonderful story I hope someday to be able to share it with everyone, but today was our day, we won! I manly man I guess I am not, a tear of joy is once again rolling down my cheek as my mind replays her words over again. I am afraid my sense of humor is gone like Mary's hearing and I shall spend the rest of the day revelling in the fact that the MS monster just might be losing this battle afterall.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sharing the news

I must tell you I resisted making this post, I really did not want to turn this into an advertisement, but at this stage I feel compelled to share with you what it is I am taking. In my previous post I mentioned a couple of friends who started taking the same products I am, and they are both noticing a difference already! Its not a cure, we all know that doesnt exist! But each of us is noticing a drop off in our symptoms, a renewed energy!

I will not sink to the neon sign stage of advertising my products! No flashing lights, no blue light specials in aisle three! If your interested in information about what I am taking and what its done for me drop me a line! Ok maybe thats not exactly subtle, but really I just want to share with you whats helped me...nothing wrong with that ...right?

I will keep you posted on my friends and let you know how they are making out as well as update my condition! Please forgive this sort of almost adevertisment, I posted it because of what its done for me, and if I wasnt selling the products I would have told you about it long ago! So in the interest of not being self promoting I kept it to myself, (I hope thats as confusing to the rest of you as it is to me when I read it)I guess I wanted this blog to be about me and MS and not about selling product, but the product has become a part of my MS experience. I shall sign off here and not advertise any further! IF you need me i'll be alongside the road wearing one of the sandwhich boards dancing for pennies!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

2 and counting

I have just introduced the natural products I take to 2 frineds who suffer from MS. I do not want to use their names, but I would like to keep you updated on their progress.

Friend #1
Has Been on the HGH product for just over a week, and is now starting the aloe(her aloe was lost in a box with mine). along with a multi vitamin! Her spirit is strong and her determination is admirable! The HGH has given her a bit more zip! She hs promised to keep me updated as she goes along, and I will keep you updated! She waiting to get the diagnosis on which type of MS she has. I will keep you posted on how she is doing!

Friend #2
Is a phone friend and has been diagnosed for many years, her product arrived and she couldnt wait to start taking it! No results are in yet but I will keep you posted!

I will keep adding to this one, or link to their blogs if they decide to share their experiences! I would like to invite any and all with MS to add a link if they are so inclined!

So just another day

Oh boy, what a busy weekend, I worked really hard, to the point where I think the phone started to take root in my ear! It was a blitz weekend for us, as a team we were trying to reach 10,000 people. I know I covered off my part! I sell the natural products you have had the pleasure of listening to me whine about running out of! After all the phone calls we had a little get together, then I came home and played with my daughter. After bed time snacks were made, the giggling subsided, and the covers were tucked snuggly around her, I sat down with a cup of Aloe(used to be coffee but hey I drank to much of that stuff anyway) and realized something, I had a normal weekend, I felt normal(careful folks I am about to get on my soap box now!). By normal I guess I mean PRE-MS! NO symptoms, no fatigue my legs were fine, no annoying tingle or numbness in my face!

And I Fell in love with that moment! I also thought of how many normal days I let pass me by(Pre MS of course)without a thought, without truly enjoying them! For the first time MS has delivered something good into my life! The ability to enjoy, to relish a normall day!
So here is my advice to everyone( yes i am aware none of you asked for my advice but its my blog and i can give as much unwanted advice as I want to)

Enjoy each day, take the time to realize how lucky you are!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

MS Links for info and hope

In my early post I had forgotten that I promised to include some more links and information today! THe above link was a pretty good read, but what I enjoyed was this link

People with MS a great spot to learn more about what others are going through, and yet another spot to share information, educate ourselves, this windows can literally be windows of hope!(on a bad day I would call it misery loves company!)

A good, no a great day!

Well i would like to start off the day with a great big WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!! My aloe product is here, and no it will not solve all my problems in 1 quick glass, but it sure will help!! I sure hope the fed ex guy realizes it was the products he brought that had me so excited! To all my friends that have listened to me and endured my complaining about running out of my Aloe, send thanks to Fedex its here I'll stop complaining now!

Why it's a good day!
1) Well I slept good and feel somewhat energized, and the I gain a sense of well being knowing I am well stocked with my supplements again!
2) The reading I have done over the past few days leaves me with a better sense of where this is headed for me!(atleast until I read another MS article which changes my mind)
3)A friend, who suffers much more than I with MS called, we chatted for hours, she is now also trying the natural supplements to try and improve her situation. I hope the products have the same significant effect for here that they have for me! The conversation ended and we went on with our days but she left so upbeat and hopeful! Sometimes I think we underestimate the power of a well tuned ear!
4) I am slowly taking back my life, in baby steps, expanding my world again. Each day I look to add more of the things I used to do, while I am cautious about over doing it, no more listening to the naysayers, YES I have MS, but no I will not let it control my life. I am still the same person, I am just faced with different challenges than I used to be.(insert theme song from Rocky movies here, you know when he starts to win the fight)Sorry that was corny, but it is how I feel today, I know that the MS monster will rear its head again, but let it grab hold, I'm ready for it!

Since everything is so upbeat today, and I am only a mere smidgen of confidence away from re considering my plans for world domination, I will end this days rambling with a big thanks to all those who have brought joy to my life, and a special thanks to the person who has helped me find my confidence again, you know who you are and now i'll know rather or not you actually read this!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Multiple Sclerosis-- MS symptoms of the day

My MS symptoms of the day

Please bear with me through the section, as I am not sure rather its to inform others, or a place for me to vent! Either way it should provide some insight.

Today my dear friend fatigue was back and in fine form, it was a hectic stressful day with tons going on, nothing really out of the ordinary. It seems Fatigue and stress travel hand in hand and for me I am not sure which is the chicken and which is the egg, and honestly I am less concerned with which came first and more concerned with when they are going away!!

Facial numbness
The numbness under my eyes was horrible today again! I can not write a lot more about this, it just really irks me!

100lb leg!
My right leg just doesn't do what its told, perhaps its hitting adolescents, I am really not sure. I have been asked many times by people I know to describe the "feeling" or explain "what's wrong" and have been unable to accurately explain it! Until recently! I was re acquainted with an old friend, who it turns out is also suffering from MS(she has joined me in my search for an answer to what ails us, and is trying natural supplements with me) and she admitted being questioned about it a lot as well. She describes it as trying to walk with a hundred pound weight on your leg, and while I am not sure that's entirely how I would describe it, I think its close!

Well that's what MS has done to me today! All and all not so bad!

Friday, September 01, 2006

MY life with MS

I was hesitant to start this blog, but thought what better way to educate, share with people what having MS is like. I hope I can be a window into the life of MS for those who want to learn more, a beacon of hope for those who suffer from the disease, and an informative spot to learn about Multiple sclerosis symptoms and treatments!

I will be adding lots of links to sites with great information, discussion forums sp please check back often!

So far so good. I slept pretty good last night and the fatigue that has been so crippling in the past 2 weeks seems a little less today.

Room for hope
My natural supplements, which I stubbornly let myself run out of will be in soon! THANK GOD! I take 3 all natural products which have greatly helped with my fatigue, numbness and dizziness! The latest onset of fatigue has been the worst in quite sometime, funny how it relates to when I ran out of product, but admitting there is a direct connection would force me to admit my wife was right, and I just can not do that!(ok ok honey you were right there for everyone to see!). I must say these natural products have helped alot, more than any of the prescription medicines that I have tried! I have included a link to those products for anyone who wants to try them or feel free to e-mail me and ask for more information

Today atleast the fog has cleared a little, I am thinking clearer than I have been and feeling much better! I will continue to post and update, my next post will include a multitude of MS information, resources and recent articles as well as an update on me, my condition and whats going on in my life!