Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A good, no a great day!

Well i would like to start off the day with a great big WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!! My aloe product is here, and no it will not solve all my problems in 1 quick glass, but it sure will help!! I sure hope the fed ex guy realizes it was the products he brought that had me so excited! To all my friends that have listened to me and endured my complaining about running out of my Aloe, send thanks to Fedex its here I'll stop complaining now!

Why it's a good day!
1) Well I slept good and feel somewhat energized, and the I gain a sense of well being knowing I am well stocked with my supplements again!
2) The reading I have done over the past few days leaves me with a better sense of where this is headed for me!(atleast until I read another MS article which changes my mind)
3)A friend, who suffers much more than I with MS called, we chatted for hours, she is now also trying the natural supplements to try and improve her situation. I hope the products have the same significant effect for here that they have for me! The conversation ended and we went on with our days but she left so upbeat and hopeful! Sometimes I think we underestimate the power of a well tuned ear!
4) I am slowly taking back my life, in baby steps, expanding my world again. Each day I look to add more of the things I used to do, while I am cautious about over doing it, no more listening to the naysayers, YES I have MS, but no I will not let it control my life. I am still the same person, I am just faced with different challenges than I used to be.(insert theme song from Rocky movies here, you know when he starts to win the fight)Sorry that was corny, but it is how I feel today, I know that the MS monster will rear its head again, but let it grab hold, I'm ready for it!

Since everything is so upbeat today, and I am only a mere smidgen of confidence away from re considering my plans for world domination, I will end this days rambling with a big thanks to all those who have brought joy to my life, and a special thanks to the person who has helped me find my confidence again, you know who you are and now i'll know rather or not you actually read this!


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