Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Multiple Sclerosis-- MS symptoms of the day

My MS symptoms of the day

Please bear with me through the section, as I am not sure rather its to inform others, or a place for me to vent! Either way it should provide some insight.

Today my dear friend fatigue was back and in fine form, it was a hectic stressful day with tons going on, nothing really out of the ordinary. It seems Fatigue and stress travel hand in hand and for me I am not sure which is the chicken and which is the egg, and honestly I am less concerned with which came first and more concerned with when they are going away!!

Facial numbness
The numbness under my eyes was horrible today again! I can not write a lot more about this, it just really irks me!

100lb leg!
My right leg just doesn't do what its told, perhaps its hitting adolescents, I am really not sure. I have been asked many times by people I know to describe the "feeling" or explain "what's wrong" and have been unable to accurately explain it! Until recently! I was re acquainted with an old friend, who it turns out is also suffering from MS(she has joined me in my search for an answer to what ails us, and is trying natural supplements with me) and she admitted being questioned about it a lot as well. She describes it as trying to walk with a hundred pound weight on your leg, and while I am not sure that's entirely how I would describe it, I think its close!

Well that's what MS has done to me today! All and all not so bad!


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