Friday, September 01, 2006

MY life with MS

I was hesitant to start this blog, but thought what better way to educate, share with people what having MS is like. I hope I can be a window into the life of MS for those who want to learn more, a beacon of hope for those who suffer from the disease, and an informative spot to learn about Multiple sclerosis symptoms and treatments!

I will be adding lots of links to sites with great information, discussion forums sp please check back often!

So far so good. I slept pretty good last night and the fatigue that has been so crippling in the past 2 weeks seems a little less today.

Room for hope
My natural supplements, which I stubbornly let myself run out of will be in soon! THANK GOD! I take 3 all natural products which have greatly helped with my fatigue, numbness and dizziness! The latest onset of fatigue has been the worst in quite sometime, funny how it relates to when I ran out of product, but admitting there is a direct connection would force me to admit my wife was right, and I just can not do that!(ok ok honey you were right there for everyone to see!). I must say these natural products have helped alot, more than any of the prescription medicines that I have tried! I have included a link to those products for anyone who wants to try them or feel free to e-mail me and ask for more information

Today atleast the fog has cleared a little, I am thinking clearer than I have been and feeling much better! I will continue to post and update, my next post will include a multitude of MS information, resources and recent articles as well as an update on me, my condition and whats going on in my life!


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