Saturday, September 09, 2006

So just another day

Oh boy, what a busy weekend, I worked really hard, to the point where I think the phone started to take root in my ear! It was a blitz weekend for us, as a team we were trying to reach 10,000 people. I know I covered off my part! I sell the natural products you have had the pleasure of listening to me whine about running out of! After all the phone calls we had a little get together, then I came home and played with my daughter. After bed time snacks were made, the giggling subsided, and the covers were tucked snuggly around her, I sat down with a cup of Aloe(used to be coffee but hey I drank to much of that stuff anyway) and realized something, I had a normal weekend, I felt normal(careful folks I am about to get on my soap box now!). By normal I guess I mean PRE-MS! NO symptoms, no fatigue my legs were fine, no annoying tingle or numbness in my face!

And I Fell in love with that moment! I also thought of how many normal days I let pass me by(Pre MS of course)without a thought, without truly enjoying them! For the first time MS has delivered something good into my life! The ability to enjoy, to relish a normall day!
So here is my advice to everyone( yes i am aware none of you asked for my advice but its my blog and i can give as much unwanted advice as I want to)

Enjoy each day, take the time to realize how lucky you are!


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