Friday, September 15, 2006

A victory, a celebration, and a tear of joy!

Before those of you who know me get worried, my plans for world domination have not been successful, the progress on that front will be addressed in future posts! However something almost as big happened today, and I am not sure I can explain it and do it justice but here goes!

I had just finished visiting with a friend, whose computer I finally fixed when my phone rang, around 4:30 my time. I recognized the number, but couldnt put a name to it, turns out it was my "phone friend" with MS, I will call her Mary! Her voice was strong, but shaky I tremble still as I write them, "Derick I stood up today, no walker no help not even a wall! Derick oh my god I stood up" . Incredible words from a lady that has not done that in quite sometime! Sadly due to my overreaction and screams, she may now be deaf, so much for calm cool and collected!

I have done nothing more than share with Mary what I am taking, but we have formed a bond, and It feels good to somehow be a part of her wonderful experience! Its a weird mix of feelings, like you have helped and just being glad that the MS monster took one on the chin! Mary has a wonderful story I hope someday to be able to share it with everyone, but today was our day, we won! I manly man I guess I am not, a tear of joy is once again rolling down my cheek as my mind replays her words over again. I am afraid my sense of humor is gone like Mary's hearing and I shall spend the rest of the day revelling in the fact that the MS monster just might be losing this battle afterall.


Anonymous Friday said...

My eyes definitely misted when I read your post. I know Mary's joy and know your shared joy with her. We MS'ers have a spirit that cannot be vanquished and an enormous capacity to be supportive. My "healthy" friends can be very flippant about the challenges we face on a daily basis but let them stub a toe and they're limping for weeks.

Thanks so much for sharing the joy of Mary's victory!

10:44 AM  
Blogger Multiple sclerosis and me said...

Check back often and send me your link would love to follow yours as well! I hope to fill pages and pages with victory after victory!I love watching the MS monster lose!

12:22 PM  
Blogger mdmhvonpa said...

Every step is a victory of immesurable magnitude.

6:10 AM  

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