Tuesday, October 17, 2006

MS symptoms

Well I thought I would change things up here and add some information on Symptoms. I have included the link above to the main website MSwatch.com as well here is the article covering off today's topic

MS Fatigue

Fatigue for me has been at times crippling. Although there are medications for assisting with this symptom, diet and exercise are extremely important. This is one area where eating healthy and taking natural supplements has been huge for me. This is a frustrating symptom, and can often get confused with being lazy or unmotivated, for those of you who haven't suffered through it, its difficult to explain. I am not sure how I would describe it, but taking a stab at it,
A paralyzing tiredness that's owns your body and your mind!

Although crippling, this is the one symptom where what we do, what we eat, and how we live can limit and "control" the damage. Eat right, Take a supplement or vitamin, exercise and hopefully it will limit your experience with this particular monster. I started with fatigue but will be working my through the many symptoms of MS in the next few days, Please share your experiences, your solutions, suggestions for any and all. If I am missing a symptom let me know happy to research into the gory details if I have not already done so!

Fatigue is probably the one I hate the most, so its one I have read studied and taken action against with a great deal of success. If anyone would like more information on nutrition, the types of things our bodies need, I am happy to add what I have found although there a lot of detail.

For the most part I will include information from "experts" from credible websites. At this stage though my definition of experts is changing, my faith will be foolishly placed in the hands of the first expert who says " Really we haven't a clue, wanna be a guinea pig ?" because at least he/she is being honest!

that's it for now, next up......Brain Fog! I was just reading about it somewhere not to long ago...If I could only remember where!(just kidding Miss Chris) lets hope the answer isn't a lobotomy!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Odds and Ends and bits and pieces

Hmm where to start,

I recently spoke with my previous employer, as I am no longer able to drive do to extreme Vertigo, I can no longer work in outside sales. Hats off to my boss, He was caring compassionate, and truly concerned for me! He is also trying to get a Job geared up to work from home. Those things alone are worthy of a mention and a large measure of respect! Even better than that he didn't allow it to change our relationship! We have always been a bit on the sarcastic side (in a fun way) and enjoyed taking shots at one another! His threat of physically assaulting me, and not being scared of my cane, and his snide comments all managed to something that few have been able to do, ignore the MS and just carry on like we always did. Thanks to both my bosses for all the advice, assistance and help you have provided, my skin crawls to write this but .......
Your both great guys, great friends and excellent mentors I have nothing but respect for both of you!

Ok now that my skins done crawling, and I have showered atleast partially washing away the dirty feeling I get from speaking nicely about my employers unto the rest ...

After all the stress I vented about in the last post thanks to all who made suggestions! For future information the next timeI get stressed I have purchased a Strait jacket, and plan on having it put on, than running(ok more hobbling quickly) through the local Walmart screaming, IT may provide some comic relief or an arrest, I'll let ya know!.....

We have continued to introduce others to the natural products we are taking and are getting great results! and we are actually starting to make a pretty good dollar doing it! We do have 2 other MS patient that will be blogging about their results as well as 6 people blogging about their weight lose effort's and success. Not sure IF I will link to all them, I do not want my blog to become an infomercial!

Last but not least, in reference to an earlier post, Katie, my daughter, has become our household MS expert. Althougth only 8, in her mind she may be the worlds leading authority on MS now. Lucky for me her cure for most symptoms are a hug, a kiss and a snuggle! In all seriousness I think she is onto something!

Friday, October 06, 2006

MS and stress !

Have not posted in awhile, life's rollercoaster has been crazy the past few weeks! There is so much going on here right now, and that brings me to my biggest problem with MS! My doctors have warned me about stress, and I have read everywhere what a negative effect stress can have on people in general, but the impact is even greater on MSer's. Which brings me to the most hateful part of this disease for me personally, when those around me need me the most, I am at my worst! This disease is a sick practical joke and this week I felt like the punch line and the punching bag!
There I ranted and feel better for it! I will not take you through all the curves and twist of my life the past couple of weeks, but its been very draining. I am much better now and survived the storms without any real horror stories, just a few MS flare ups. I have tried to limit myself, and control and manage stress better and for the most part have been successful. For the first time(with MS) though life took some real scary twists, and I did not handle them all that well. I let some people down, people who I care deeply for and whets worse some of them blame themselves for my flare ups!
So here is where I am at today with all this, life will be a roller coaster sometimes, and most times that will effect all of us in some negative way or another. I can not help what MS does to me and only try to get better at managing my life around it. I am glad the roller coaster seems to have coasted to a stop, I am thankful for the love and support of my family and friends. I have raised my commitment to living healthy, eating better, and taking all my supplements so that when the roller coaster starts again I'll be ready! OH and posted here seems to be somewhat therapeutic! So look for more rants!